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LinkedIn gets video calling

Posted By: Dan Kuseta

LinkedIn gets video calling

LinkedIn, the social networking platform for professionals, just updated up its resume with the addition of video calling for iPad.

The Hookflash app, which is available as a free download from the Apple App Store, lets users make video and voice calls and message any of their LinkedIn contacts.

Tap and talk

Users sign into LinkedIn via the Hookflash app and simply tap any of their LinkedIn contacts to begin conversing for free.

The world's biggest business phone

Hookflash's CEO Trent Johnsen described the benefits of the app on the company's blog.

“We’ve essentially turned the iPad into the world’s best business phone with a directory of over a 160 million professionals on a free global digital network. “This changes everything” has to be my favorite customer reaction to Hookflash so far.”

LinkedIn branching out

With almost three million Australians using LinkedIn and visiting the site on average five times a week, the potential to instantly connect with contacts around the globe could prove an appealing feature to Australian professionals and brands.

LinkedIn recently announced it would no longer allows users to post tweets in their LinkedIn feed, however users can now post to Twitter from their LinkedIn account.

These moves, along with the new features such as free video calling (currently only offered on Skype and Goolge+) suggest the platform is trying to move itself closer to the centre of the user experience.

The Hookflash app is now available as a free download at the Apple App Store.

Posted By: Dan Kuseta

Tags: B2B


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