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How to measure your Klout

Posted By: Maddie Kilby

How to measure your Klout

Klout is an online rating system that meaures an individuals clout through an alogorthym that calculates social media engagement and activity.

Launched in 2009, Klout has already amassed over 100 million scores of online influence, with brands including Audi and Virgin affiliated with the service and offering incentives to users with high ratings.

High scores means high returns

Some prospective employers are now taking into consideration Klout scores, while brands can use Klout to build and measure their online footprint, as well as identify thought leaders in certain fields.

Brands with a high Klout rating signal they are actively engaged with their consumers, potentially making users more inclined to interact with a business.

If you score 100 you are Lady Gaga

The average social media user scores somewhere in the teens. Users gaining a score closer to 40 generally have niche audience to interact with.

Celebrities and politicians score highly with US President Barak Obama scoring 94, while Julia Gillard rates 68 and Kylie Minogue slightly ahead on 78.

While celebrities have large online fan bases, individuals can still achieve a high Klout rating through active engagement with your audience, as Klout measures quality over quantity.

Become and expert and influencer

Klout isn’t just about numbers, it can also measure most influential topics and trends. Users can also recognise one another as experts in specific topics, boosting their overall Klout rating.

Climb the Klout ladder

A Klout rating can have a lot of meaning. It can indicate your ability to engage with your audience, your success in doing so and the topics that have appealed to your audience the most.

If you can achieve a high rating interested parties may reward you through the perks system. 

Achieving a decent Klout score needn’t be too time consuming, a few minutes to respond to your audience is all it takes to steer a profile in the right direction.

To start using and building your Klout score visit  the Klout homepage.


Posted By: Maddie Kilby

Tags: Social Media,news


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