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Google’s Mobile App Analytics

Posted By: Taryn Hunter

Google’s Mobile App Analytics

Applications designed specifically for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are become more prevalent as users opt for potable technology over the confines of a desktop.

As the demand for mobile applications increases, marketers will start to seek measurement tools to help evaluate their success.

This rapid rise in applications has resulted in Google creating its very own mobile version of their analytics, Mobile App Analytics.

Analyse this

Mobile App Analytics is Google's version of Analytics, specifically designed to evaluate mobile applications and gives marketers the ability to measure the entire mobile customer journey, from discovery to download and engagement. 

App designers will be able to montior the flow of traffic, where it is coming from, and from what type of device. Mobile App Analytics, also available in its own mobile app version, provides detailed reports on user engagement and actions within the app.

Reported actions

Mobile App Analytics features a selection of reports to assist marketers at each stage:

1. Acquisition and user metrics: measure the number of new and active users who launch the app and downloads that occur through the app.

2. Engagement metrics: measure user behaviour, engagement flow and any app faults or crashes experienced.

3. Outcome and business impact reports: identify whether users are fulfilling the goals of the app.

What does it mean for mobile and businesses?

Measurement and evaluation of an application are essential to enable the creation of app experiences that are more useful and engaging for the user.

By giving marketers concrete data to analyse their app they are able to tweak current and future apps to fit the most successful mould.

This will essentially save company time and money and take the guesswork out of creating and marketing a successful app.

Posted By: Taryn Hunter



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