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Number Crunch: Australia’s favourite brands on Facebook

Posted By: Taryn Hunter

Number Crunch: Australia’s favourite brands on Facebook

The latest report from social media marketing company Socialbakers, lists Australia’s top brands and media outlets based on fans and page likes, as well as how frequently and effectively they engage with their fan base.

Facebook’s rise

Facebook has continued its steady climb as top dog across the social platforms, with over 11million Australian users as of August.

Brand fanatics

Fast-moving consumer goods companies and retail brands have battled it out for top spot in the fan stakes, with the sugar-addict's favourite M&M’s leading the charge with 2.9million followers.

Retailers Quiksilver (2.1m fans) and UGG Australia (1.4m) took out the minor placings.

Media buzz

Science news and education company ScienceAlert is strides ahead of the competition in the media category, with over 1.7million people tuning into the latest news from the universe.

Pay TV's Channel [V] Australia ranked second, with under half the followers, about 700,000, of ScienceAlert.

Social engagement

Where brands should really be looking, however, is to those companies who are leading the pack in terms of social engagement.

The engagement rate, calculated as the average likes, comments and shares on a given day divided by the number of fans, highlights the interactions of a brand's fans as a percentage.

Food chain Muffin Break is setting the standard for social interactions, topping the lists with a 26.6 per cent average engagement rate and a whopping 227 per cent daily page engagement rate

Telco top talker

Despite their reputation for poor customer service, Telstra's social media-specific arm Telstra 24x7 has topped the list in terms of its social devotion.

Showing other companies how it's done, Telstra 24x7 has a 90 per cent response rate to questions posted on its page, proving there is help out there when you need it.

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Posted By: Taryn Hunter

Tags: Facebook


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